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Surely you've used Wikipedia.org, or 'Wikihole', for your homework assignments, sources for papers, or for a quick Google on something you don't know about it. But have you ever used it just for fun? Browsing Wikipedia is one of my favorite time killers. Most people don't know it, but Wikipedia has a front page just like many social media sites. The front page includes a featured article, recent news, a 'Did you know...' section, an 'On this day...' section, a featured picture, and more; all with links to tons of interesting Wikipedia pages related to the sections.

I'm not sure what facilitated my interest, but I always found that Wikipedia was the best source of information if you wanted an in-depth look at something, with related links and pictures. It was always quick to the point, and if you wanted specifics, you could read further. Whether you're a history buff like me, searching for 'behind-the-scenes' information and facts about your favorite T.V. shows or movies, want to learn about some conspiracy theories, or just like learning about new things: Wikipedia IS the place for you.

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite Wikipedia pages, some of them branching out to hours and hours of reading to kill your down time. Say goodbye to your morning!

Favorite Articles