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Let's be honest, everyone loves a good movie. As Americans, we all grew up watching movies from an early age and still do to this day. It's a timeless entertainment, perhaps the best ever created. There's movies for kids, adults, teenagers, and everything in between.

Some of the historically 'great' movies are known for their soundtracks, cinematography, actors and actresses, authenticity of a scence, and much more. Some movies are known for their unique style or going against their mainstream counterparts. Regardless, each movie has a new story to tell, a new perspective, or a new idea. That's what I love about them.

Below are some movies and TV shows I believe to be the greatest of all time, in no particular order. (Last updated 08/16/2016)

Favorite Movies

Favorite TV Shows

Here is a look at some scenes from my favorite movies. (No Spoilers)