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Video Games

I grew up playing video games and so naturally, I love video games. It's really as simple as that. Video games have been a part of my entertainment life since as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of playing Super Mario on the Super Nintendo in the basement with my mom. She was always Luigi. It really was a great game, and would could make an argument that was what stirred my interest.

Growing up with two brothers, video games were viewed in a competitive light much like a game of football, wrestling, or hoops would be. Our earliest competitions on racing games and shooters were always very intense. Soon, my competitve drive for games turned into a personal drive, and I started to get into more role playing, single player games like Zelda and Harvest Moon.

Like a book or a movie, a video game takes you to another place and time. You forget the world around you, and become completely invovled in what's in front of you. You control your character, your actions, and your destiny virtually at the press of a button. This simple concept is debated and controversial, as some people just simply don't get what makes that interesting. It's difficult to explain, but I believe everyone can like video games. They just have to play the right games. The games that tap into their interests or catch their eye. For each person, thats entirely different. I prefer shooters, competitive gameplay, simulation games, and role playing. Single player, story driven games are harder for me to get into, although there are some exceptions. Fantasy, puzzle, and sports games are generally not very interesting to me. As I said, that's in general, meaning not always the case.

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite video games in no particular order, along with their respective systems for reference. (Last updated 03/25/2016)


Nintendo 64

I am alo a big collector and enthusiast for all things Nintendo 64. I have built up quite a collection of games, consoles, controllers, and accessories, and am currently working on a mobile application for fellow collectors to manage their collections and bring information about the Nintendo 64 to their fingertips. 

Here is my Top 20 Favorite Nintendo 64 games, in order: