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Visit the About page to learn more about this website and its founder, me.


Visit the Astrophotography page to see my own pictures of our solar system and beyond. Using my telescope setup, computer software, and a camera, I have seen and photographed Saturn's rings, the Moon's craters, the poles of Mars, and more.



Visit the Blog page to hear what I've been up to lately or hear my thoughts on some recent events in my life. I don't post consistently, but check back every once and a while!




Visit the Projects page to view some of my recent projects I've been working on. You'll find projects I've done in my free time, as well as class and work projects.


Visit the Resume page to have a look at my current resume of my work, experiences, and education. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Video Games

War Museum

Visit the War Museum page to take a look at some historical war artifacts. My collection ranges from World War I to modern day, with a focus on World War II. It features weapons, pictures, uniforms, and more that I have received from family and friends or purchased myself.